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Up started Adam Woodcock, his wrath no way appeased by the cold immersion, and seizing on a truncheon which stood by, would have soon requited the injury he had received, had not Roland laid his hand on his poniard, and sworn by all that was sacred, that if he offered a stroke towards him, he would sheath the blade in his bowels. The noise was now so great, that more than one of the household came in, and audio buzdugan daniel farse others the major-domo, a grave personage, already mentioned, whose gold chain and audio buzdugan daniel farse wand intimated his authority. At the appearance of this dignitary, the strife was for the present appeased. He embraced, however, so favourable an opportunity, to read Roland Graeme a audio buzdugan daniel farse lecture on the impropriety of his deportment to his fellow-menials, and to assure him, that, should he communicate this fray to his master, who, though now on one of his frequent expeditions, was speedily expected to return, which but for respect to his Lady he would most certainly do, the residence of the culprit in the Castle of Avenel would be but of brief duration. But, however, added the prudent master of the household, I will report the matter first to my Lady. Very just, very right, Master Wingate, exclaimed several voices together; my Lady will consider if daggers, are to be drawn on us for every idle word, and whether we are to live in a well-ordered household, where there is the fear of God, or amidst drawn dirks and sharp knives.
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